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Notify forms

Add to Google Sheets to configure email notifications for each response received form. You can also specify a specific message to hidden recipients (CCO) and create a reminder.

Specially designed for event registration forms and polls, which want the respondent receive confirmation email that you have received your registration or survey. We can include in our posts the information in user response, a way to build a more useful message for this and event managers / survey.

For all that has been incorporated a free html editor that will make it easier to format our messages.

  • Select answer sheet
  • Side table: Available fields
  • Fill notification recipient. You can enter an email address, but it makes sense to use one of the fields email you requested in your form (if you have not included now is the time, returns to form and create your email field). If your form field email you’ve called for example “Email” or “Email” enter it in the “Recipient/s” %% section between symbols. This is the way that the component identifies it as an information field of the form. Would be as follows: %%Email%% or %%Email%%.
  • CCO Addresses: useful to specify the recipients (separated by comma ‘,’) notification or blind copy, for example, the / the event manager or the quality manager.
  • Respondent: subject notification message for the respondent
  • Body notification message for the respondent
  • Check Report On.
  • Bcc addresses: subject notification message to hidden recipients
  • Body notification message to hidden recipients
  • Check Single message to the recipient and Bcc: if checked indicates that the message for CCO is the same as the intended respondent, whether you specified a matter or other body
  • Reminder: message subject for scheduled notification (reminder)
  • Body of the notification message programmed (reminder)
  • Check Reminder On.
  • Date (delivery schedule): about 00 hours.
  • header image
  • footer image
  • Recipient errors

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Jose Luis Guillén

Jose Luis Guillén

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